We have awesome news to share about the Recycle Ride…we are now the TOUR DE TRANSPLANT!!!! And we are partnering with the Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon Branch so this year is going to be our biggest and best yet.

TourDeTransplant Blue&Green


Over the last couple of years, we have talked a lot about how to grow the event. We love the grassroots feel of the event, and the insane route, so there is some sadness as we move on to the next chapter of our ride. But at the end of the day, we want to raise money for pediatric transplant research for kids like Addison. And we want to raise a LOT of money. As much as we loved our small and mighty group of riders, we knew there was a limit to where we could go with our tiny little group (ok, four of us) organizing everything.

Last year, we participated in the Kidney Bike, the Kidney Foundation’s first cycling event here. It was a great event and really family friendly, unlike our crazy little venture. We approached them and asked if they would be interested in partnering. Turns out they wanted to make the ride more challenging and widen it out to include organ donation in general. It just sounded like a perfect partnership.

So here we are…about to embark on our inaugural Tour de Transplant!! We are so excited and hope you will join us. Unlike our Recycle Ride route, this one is a lot more reasonable, but still with a little challenge of climbing up to the top of Seymour. (We couldn’t leave all the climbs out, could we?)

The great news is 50% of net proceeds from the Tour de Transplant will go to the Addison Fund to support pediatric transplant research. And with a bigger event, more riders, and more fundraising, we plan to exceed our goal from last year!!

So come ride with us!!! Lots more details coming soon to check back on the website.

(If riding just isn’t your thing, even on an easier, gentler route, don’t worry…our Pub Night will be back in the fall!!)

You can always DONATE HERE. 🙂


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