A little suffering goes a long way

Golden Sombrero 2014-08-24 12-14-00

Halfway up Cypress

Good things come from small ideas. Our insanity started out as nothing more than that. We wanted to ride our bikes on about as challenging a route as we could think of, and so the Golden Sombrero was born. The sombrero is a baseball term – the ignominious act of striking out four times in one game.  So our version is riding up four mountains in one 100-mile day.  It is both awesome and awful at the same time.

Regrouping at the Top

Regrouping at the Top

There were moments last year I wanted to get off my bike, but we made it. Mostly. Six of us started out, five finished, and in the process we raised $1500 for the Addison Fund to support transplant research.

The Route

The Route

This year we are hoping to surpass that fundraising goal and encourage new riders. If you are interested in tackling a serious cycling challenge you should join us. But we get it – not everyone is a glutton for punishment. So we will have  second route called the Sombrero Pequeno, slightly more sane… 60 km with one big climb to prove you are slightly mad.

You can find all the details of the Golden Sombrero 2015 here. If you want to commit email us @ therecycleride@gmail.com  Or at least donate some money.

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